Priscilla Ann Goslin


Graphic designer, pianist, mother of two grown sons and grandmother, Priscilla Ann Goslin is a natural writer. Born in a small mining town near Sand Land in the northern woods of Minnesota, she found herself on Ipanema beach for the first time at the ripe age of six weeks.

Having made Rio her home for over four decades, Priscilla attributes what she refers to as her cultural schizophrenia to the dichotomy created by her inherent sense of order and her fascination for the chaos only a passionate city such as Rio can afford. As she says, “Being a tourist is a state of mind, and I’ll confess to often feeling like a tourist in my own country. Now if I could only figure out which country that is….”

Aside from her years in Rio, Priscilla has lived in London, New Jersey, São Paulo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon.

Recently retired as partner and creative director at S/2M2, a design studio specializing in interactive design, Priscilla is founder and director of Livros TwoCan, a boutique publishing house. Prior to S/2M2, she worked as senior art director for a large Brazilian ad agency and founded DesignCorp, providing design services focused on corporate identity and collateral print design.

As founder and managing partner of PEGE Promotions and Design, Goslin created and organized the First International Invitational Camel Hang Gliding Challenge, sponsored by R.J. Reynold do Brasil. A ten-day event with the participation of 25 internationally acclaimed pilots and 40 Brazilian pilots, the Camel Challenge enjoyed worldwide media coverage, with an estimated daily public of 40,000.

Priscilla has appeared on countless television programs, including Jô Soares: Onze e Meia (SBT), Espaço Aberto com Carlos Nascimento (Globo), Rio 450 Anos with Renata Capucci (Globo) and Brazil with Michael Palin (BBC), among others. A columnist for Veja magazine during the Rio Olympics, she has written editorials and articles for various commercial and news outlets.

She received her BFA in Graphic Design from the California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA. Priscilla currently splits her time between Rio and Portland, Oregon.

Clockwise: Jô Onze e Meia (Video credit: SBT); Priscilla being interviewed by Michael Palin for the series Brazil with Michael Palin (Image credit: BBC); Espaço Aberto com Carlos Nascimento (Video credit: TV Globo); Rio 450 Anos com Renata Capucci (Video credit: TV Globo)