The TV Series

From Print to Screen


Premiered in October 2023, How to Be a Carioca is a TV Series produced by Moovie and Star Original Productions for The Walt Disney Company. Based on the eponymous book by Priscilla Ann Goslin, the series was created by Oscar-nominated director Carlos Saldanha, director Joana Mariani and producer/director Diogo Dahl.

The series showcases the carioca jeito de ser with much humor and affection: a true survival manual to the Cidade Maravilhosa. In each episode a foreigner experiences an adventure in the best “gringo” style in an attempt to adapt to the local culture. Six stories, six different countries and one thing in common; Everyone meets in Rio de Janeiro.

Francisco (Seu Jorge) is the quintessential Carioca. With his PhD in the jeitinho carioca, he always finds a way to get things done. Francisco’s problem-solving abilities prove essential for five newcomers to Rio — hailing from Argentina, Germany Syria, Israel, and Angola — as they each face dilemmas.

Irene (Argentina), Matthias (Germany), Nabil (Syria), Laila (Israel), and Karima (Angola) all arrive in Rio for different reasons. Each experiences the beauty and chaos of this wonderful city, and each runs into road blocks along the way. Fortunately, they meet Francisco who helps them work through their problems. In the process, they purge prejudices, open themselves up to new cultures, adopt different perspectives, and become advocates for inclusion and equality.

Cast includes Seu Jorge as Francisco, Douglas Silva as Luiz Henrique, Malu Mader as Solange, Raquel Villar as Renata, Débora Nascimento as Soraya, Ahmad Kontar as Nabil, Swell Ariel as Laila, Peter Ketnath as Mathias, among others.

The series is a delight. The photography, art direction, and soundtrack are outstanding. it is available for streaming in Brazil on Star+, in the USA on Hulu, and in the rest of the world on Disney+. Check your local listing.